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Mt Barker PC Pastor's Blog

Robert FinsterWelcome to the new and updated Mt Barker Presbyterian Church website. Writing here is a way of communicating to many.  I hope it is at least once per week.  It does gives opportunity to consider some matters that the church and the pastor of a growing church face today. Christian or unbeliever, member or outsider as you seek the truth I pray these words will be helpful to you.


Every day I don't stop thinking about God and His purposes being working out in me and others.  The Bible has many examples.  Take a young lady who for a reason we don't know except that God had closed her womb so she could not fall pregnant.  Being persecuted she cries her heart out to God and in doing so she promises that should He grant her desire- she would dedicate the child to serve at the temple - become a pastor - or prophet or both.   The story has a happy ending because she not has her prayer answered but her life is dramatically changed as shown in the prayer is recorded in 1 Samuel 2.     She goes on to have more children - sons and daughters from 1 Samuel 2:21 and then we hear of her no more.   My thoughts and hopes have been focused on the church that needs revitalizing and this story shows us that when we have to faith and perseverance to come to God with our requests - He will answer.    The many who just see the outside of a building don't really understand the church is actually the people.   The building is used to help people worship God - not the people come to worship the building.  Revitalizing for Christians is really just doing what God wants us to do - point out who Jesus is to others.  The building may need revitalizing too - but it cannot be the main focus for a change that needs to go on in the local church.    It comes down to seeing that the obstacles are not so insurmountable or the situation impossible that God cannot turn it around.   It comes to people seeking to understand who God is and what he is doing right now.   As people see it - both from the inside and from the outside I think the church becomes revitalised.  May God go with you this week.  

Pastor Robert

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